Thursday, 9 December 2010

Emmy Twigge at South Square

Yesterday South Square was visited by Emmy Twigge, a Leeds-based artist who responded to an open call for exhibitions at South Square. She was successful in her application, and is currently set to show during June 2011 in the main gallery space. The exact nature of her upcoming show has not been completely decided, so expect to hear more next year.

Below is an image of one of her works from earlier this year made up of thirty-three hand built earthenware bricks and thirty-two fired porcelain spheres hidden within the bricks. The work was part of Emmy's contribution for the AA2A scheme at the Leeds College of Art this year.
"Thirty-three green clay bricks with thirty-two porcelain spheres" Emmy Twigge, AA2A 2009/2010

You can also visit her website at to see more images of her past works.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tereza Kotyk - International Curator

Last week South Square was visited by Tereza Kotyk, former curator at Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, and at the Cornerhouse, Manchester. Exhibitions she helped curate include "The Intertwining Line" at the Cornerhouse, and "Arbeit*" (Work*) in Innsbruck.

She was visiting the gallery for the first time, to see the space after having suggested South Square as a possible venue for Conrad Atkinson's part of the upcoming international exhibition "Personal Tempest".

 “If this drama has no single protagonist, it has a pronounced motif—one that recurs constantly throughout the Brontë lives and works. This motif is the element of storm: time and again the sisters described some cataclysmic event of nature as a sympathetic manifestation of some inner, personal tempest. The theme first occurs in the shipwreck reference by their mother, Maria Branwell, in one of her letters; its pagan presence was felt by their clergyman father when he wrote of his wife’s death,’…another storm arose,  more terrible than the former—one that shook every part of the mortal frame and often threatened it with dissolution...”
Muriel Spark, ‘The Bronte Letters’, Peter Nevill Ltd: London, 1954, p.13

This exhibition explores how our inner state of mind can be affected by a certain experience of nature, one that uniquely evolves into a ‘personal tempest’. Mirrored in imaginary accounts and personal stories this romantic motif is explored in paintings, drawings, video installations, and photographs from Victorian time to the present. 

Tereza has been working closely with the curatorial team at South Square for this exhibition and offering suggestions and advice with respect to the planning and implementation of the exhibition. Watch this space....

Deborah Britton | Curatorial Intern

South Square is currently taking part in a Curatorial Internship scheme and our current intern, Deborah Britton, has also been helping out at Cartwright Hall in Lister Park, Bradford. While there she has been involved in the planning and setting up of their recent exhibition "Into the Light" by artist Pip Dickens, a collection of works whose common theme is the dramatic relationship we have between light and darkness.

At South Square, Deborah is involved in the curation of the gallery's main exhibitions including planning and implementing of the shows,  for example, much of the design behind the Salon Show was Deborah's concept.

Pip Dickens, Miss Havisham II,  2006-2009

If you would like to know more about Pip Dickens or her work you can visit her site here, and you can read more on her exhibit on

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Introducing Tony O'Connell

The Yorkshire-based Photographer Tony O'Connell has recently set up in a studio at South Square and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce him.

Photographer, Tony O'Connell is a former Independent on Sunday/Insight Guides travel photography award-winner. His artistic practice concentrates on reflections from this country and overseas. He is inspired by the way that reflections often capture more of the essence of a scene than an accurate replication. His work has recently featured in the Great North Art Show, Leeds Art Fair, Saltaire Arts Trail, Art in the Pen and other venues.

Tony is also passionate about developing long term relationships in communities, using photography as a tool for telling stories, enjoyment, advocacy, building skills and fun. During 2010, he's been involved with several photographic projects. Working with over 50 people with a range of disabilities for Disability Support, Tony facilitated their development as photographers at community events; their resulting images are the subject of an exhibition and a calendar for 2011. Bradford District Care Trust has commissioned him to deliver a year's project to develop creativity with groups of service users. His 'Acts of Kindness'  exhibition was invited to tour venues across West Yorkshire.

Tony also undertakes a wide range of commissions including events, theatre and product photography

Below are two images, one of his reflections and one from his "Acts of Kindness" project. If you would like to know more about him, you can visit his website at where you will also find more images of his work.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Other exciting things happening at South Square

Yesterday we had a visit from Conrad Atkinson to begin preparations for an exhibit in March/April 2011 featuring some of his works relating to the Brontes and on the theme of immigration.

Conrad Atkinson is an influential international artist, originally from Cleator Moor, Cumbria. He has exhibited in a range of prestigious galleries such as the Tate and the Ronald Feldman Gallery (New York).

Below is a picture of part of one of his exhibits at the Feldman Gallery, "Dorothy Gale Meets Emily Bronte in Technicolor " June 7 to July 11, 1997.

Also at South Square, our resident Fine Art Framer, Andy Rushworth, featured in the T&A yesterday in a business interview about his new print-making venture "Scratch". This will allow printmakers to hire his studio for their works, without having to buy all the equipment themselves.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Welcome *

Hi All,

Welcome to South Square Gallery's new blog; a space to discuss all the occurences here, and keep you up to date with all our new ideas as they evolve.


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