Thursday, 9 December 2010

Emmy Twigge at South Square

Yesterday South Square was visited by Emmy Twigge, a Leeds-based artist who responded to an open call for exhibitions at South Square. She was successful in her application, and is currently set to show during June 2011 in the main gallery space. The exact nature of her upcoming show has not been completely decided, so expect to hear more next year.

Below is an image of one of her works from earlier this year made up of thirty-three hand built earthenware bricks and thirty-two fired porcelain spheres hidden within the bricks. The work was part of Emmy's contribution for the AA2A scheme at the Leeds College of Art this year.
"Thirty-three green clay bricks with thirty-two porcelain spheres" Emmy Twigge, AA2A 2009/2010

You can also visit her website at to see more images of her past works.

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