Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Studio Holder | Lisa Naylor

Lisa Naylor was born in Bradford 1983. She studied Art and Design at Bradford College, completing her degree in 2010.

Lisa’s work currently approaches the subject of control, of being made to conform to societal expectations. She explores expectations of performance, entrapment, and the balances between freedom and domination. Her work explores fear, violence (particularly within this so-called social recession), the supposed influx in violent behavior and deterioration of society and morals. She enjoys exploring social and political ideas and concepts through painting.

Solo exhibitions

2010 Rushworth's Fine Art

Group exhibitions

2010 Bradford Degree show, Yorkshire craft centre

21st -24th  July 2010 Bradford Playhouse, Little Germany, Bradford

2010 Saatchi Gallery, London

24th Aug – 24th sept Brahm Gallery, Headingly, Leeds

Artist's Statement

The area in which I work is mainly paint.  I consider my work  expressionist. Initially I work very fast, encouraging expressive mark making into something. Rather than controlling the paint, I let the paint do what it wants and select parts I feel are constructive in terms of form building.  I find the journey from abstraction to realism really interesting.   

More recently I have been working from photographs as I feel it gives you a better chance to dissect the colors. I work with different types of paint. I enjoy experimenting and mixing different methods and techniques and trying to push the boundaries a little.

Rather than restricting myself to a strict brief I prefer to work quite freely, painting what I feel like at the time.  When I have come up with a body of work I then go through it and decide what fits with my brief.

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