Saturday, 10 December 2011

Conrad Atkinson becomes a patron of South Square

Following his exhibition here earlier this year (Dreams of Permanence, Hopes of Transience), internationally renowned artist Conrad Atkinson has agreed to become a patron of South Square. 

In April 2011 I worked with the team at South Square Gallery on my solo show 'Dreams of Permanence, Hopes of Transience' and would like to put on record my appreciation of the team's work on this complex show. Their sensitivity to the work and the issues it raised were imressive as was their attention to detail and their work on the catalogue.

They collaborated creatively with me and curated the pieces with such enthusiasm and care that much of the works gained more meanings and resonances than they had in other venues in Europe or New York. It is due to their input that the show meshed perfectly with contemporary contentious issues such as immigration and carefully integrated this with the legacy of the Brontes so present in Thornton still.

The opening was revealing in the range of its demographic, and the presence of two yound women drawing Mehindi on the hands of a range of guests was an inventive initiative. The harmonious relationships with a diverse community and the negotiations with the works and the issues it excavated were very well considered.

The success of the show was due in large part to the efforts of this unique team and its fertile relationship both with art and its practice and its integrity with the local community, its history, its traditions and its present concerns.

Conrad Atknison NDD., ATD (dist)., ADF (Manc)., Cert RAS (Hons).
Honorary Fellow University of Cumbria.
Distinguished Visiting Professor Courtauld Institute.
Professor Emeritus University of California.

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